50% Off Tag Sale at Goodwill

50% Off Tag Sale

September 25th and 26th, 50% off red and orange tags*

Stop by your closest Goodwill Community Store on September 25th and 26th for our double-colour tag sale!

Enjoy 50% off* all red colour tagged and orange colour tagged items in stores.

The discount is valid at all Goodwill Community Stores.

The Goodwill Outlet (White Oak Rd, London), Goodwill Bookstores, Goodwill Boutique locations, and Online Sales are not participating in this colour tag sale.

Click here to find your closest Goodwill Community Store.

Happy thrifting!

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*Cannot be combined with any other promotion, and discount is not valid on new goods or gift certificates. The Goodwill Outlet, Goodwill Bookstores, Goodwill Boutiques and Online Sales are not participating.