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In addition to selling items in our Goodwill Community Stores, Bookstores, Boutiques and Outlet, bargain hunters can find several specialty and unique items available through our online stores, listings and auctions.

Click on the buttons below to link directly to our online stores offering curbside pickup:

Shop online Mississauga.

Shop online Windsor.

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Shop Online Mulcok.

Shop Online Bookstore. 1044 Adelaide street north, London.

Shop online Hyde Park.

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Click on the buttons below to link directly to our online auctions and sites that offer shipping across North America and curbside pickup (in London, Ontario – 3410 White Oak Road):

Ebay.  Shop Goodwill.

Buy reusable masks online.

New sustainable products! For planet. For people. For community. Worth Love Again

Live near London and want to save on shipping?

All online purchases through ShopGoodwill and eBay can be picked up locally (in London) at the Goodwill Centre for Social Enterprise and the Environment on White Oak Road.

All purchases from Goodwill Boutique Newmarket, Goodwill Boutique London, Goodwill Bookstore London, Goodwill Mississauga, Goodwill Guelph, and Goodwill Windsor must be picked up curbside at those locations.