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Privacy (CCTV)


We use security cameras/video surveillance at all of our locations and in some external areas such as parking lots. Notices advising of the use of such cameras are posted at each of our locations. By visiting a Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes location, you consent to our use of such cameras and the recording of your information. Information obtained through video surveillance may be used for security and safety, which relates to the protection of staff and the public, the detecting or deterring of criminal activity, including theft, aggressive behaviour or property damage (e.g. graffiti, window breaking, etc.) as well as to enforce internal policies as they pertain to the protection of Goodwill’s donations from point of donation to sale and the conduct of our employees and third parties.


Video surveillance may be used for purposes relating to safety of individuals and security of buildings, property and assets of Goodwill. Video surveillance is used to monitor exterior areas, such as parking lots, garbage areas, donation drive thru, etc., and interior areas, such has cash registers, donation processing areas, sales floor, etc., of Goodwill property, which includes leased property. Goodwill does not have any cameras in their change rooms, bathrooms or staff break room.

This policy has been created in accordance with the Guidelines for Overt Video Surveillance in the Private Sector in March 2008 ( ) and Guidance on Covert Video Surveillance in the Private Sector in May 2009 ( ) both of which outline the obligations imposed on institutions with respect to the protection of the privacy interests of individuals.

We may use Video Surveillance in a professional and legal manner that will follow these principles:

1. Video surveillance must be conducted in accordance with the laws of Ontario and Canada
2. Goodwill will educate our employees to make them aware of camera systems at orientation. Goodwill will also provide biannual training on our Employee Purchase Policy that references our use of cameras to continually make employees aware that the systems are in place.
3. Video surveillance may be used where it is demonstrably necessary for the purposes of enhancing the safety of persons, the deterrence of theft or destructive acts, such as vandalism and graffiti or to enforce policies pertaining to protection of Goodwill’s donations from donation to sale and the conduct of their employees and third parties.
4. Video surveillance may be used only by Goodwill employees authorized by the Leadership Team or by third parties that are approved by Goodwill’s leadership team, such as Lawyers, WSIB, Law enforcement, etc.
5. Appropriate signs and notice of video surveillance will be posted at each site
6. Employees approved by the Leadership team who may require access to information collected through video surveillance will be provided proper training and orientation with regards to this Policy and their obligations under this Policy, and will provide written acknowledgment that they have read and understood the contents of this policy and procedure. Any employee who knowingly or deliberately breaches this policy may be subject to discipline up to and including termination. Failure of a video service provider to comply with this policy may constitute breach of contract and may result in termination of contract and legal action.
7. Any time video surveillance footage is requested by or needs to be given to approved third parties, such as lawyers, police officers, WSIB, etc., the employee distributing the footage will document who they gave it to, the date they gave it out, what footage they gave out, and the reasons why the footage was given. For example: Officer Charlie Bucket requested footage of the fall in Horton parking lot. Given to the officer on June 11 2018
8. The recording medium must be handled in a manner that maintains the integrity and security of the recorded information;
9. All recorded information shall be destroyed automatically unless archived for specific use, such as court cases, policy infractions, WSIB or insurance related, etc.
10. Video surveillance may be used for the purpose of monitoring areas where donated goods are received, stored, processed and sold as well as those open to the public;
11. When video surveillance footage is being displayed by authorized employees on a video monitor, the monitors should be in a position that cannot be viewed by others.
12. All video Surveillance footage will not contain audio as they are all visual recordings only
13. The video surveillance system may be subject to periodic audit by authorized viewers

Our Video Surveillance only captures video, which includes the ability to zoom and night vision. Our systems have the ability to capture sound however, sound must be disabled with no exception.

To request access to security camera footage in which you appear please:

Submit your request via our contact form or directly to our Privacy Officer via mail at:

Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes
Attn: Privacy Officer
255 Horton St. E,
London, Ontario
N6B 1L1

This policy is up-to-date.  It was last updated on October 18, 2018.