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My Story: Roen

When Roen started working as a Donation Attendant at Goodwill, he was dealing with a lot of anxiety. He explains, “My anxiety feels like my heart is pumping… my heart is beating constantly… my hands will become crazy shaky.” Roen also has Autism, which can make anxiety worse.

At first, he was described as very quiet at work, and felt most comfortable focusing on specific tasks. Over time, Roen built his confidence to try new things with the support of his team and now works completely independently at the donation door.

Roen credits his job and the power of work with changing his health, mental state, and giving him a sense of community. While he still faces the challenge of anxiety, he is able to overcome it by taking things one step at a time – something he is proud of every day.

“My favourite part of working at Goodwill is the people. I felt like I was in a safe work environment with all these new faces and different personalities, and how we help each other and help others… Goodwill has given me the confidence for achieving whatever I want.”

Roen, Goodwill Employee