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My Story: Debbie

Debbie has worked since she was 14 years old. After experiencing a time of financial challenges and health issues requiring surgery, Debbie was out of a job for a while. Through a career services program at Goodwill, she received help with resumes, connections, and interview skills. When a position became available at a Goodwill Community Store, Debbie was nervous she wouldn’t get hired because of her age, and was thrilled to get the job.

She was incredibly excited to start her journey as a cashier, working at a non-profit that matches her values. It’s a place where she says everyone is treated with respect, and employees get the support they need. Debbie hopes to progress to a Key Holder role or even Assistant Manager one day.

Debbie stands in front of a blue wall at a Goodwill store that reads "you shop, we train, people work."

“I wake up and I’m so happy I have a job to go to. I’m going to help people and I’m going to feel satisfied when I come home. The definition of Goodwill is kindness. Every day I want to make someone’s day a little brighter. I hope I work here for the rest of my life.”

Debbie, Retail Production Associate