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My Story: Aiden

Work was having a detrimental impact on Aiden’s mental health a few years ago. Before starting at Goodwill, Aiden was in a work environment that wasn’t supportive. “I was at a job where I wasn’t accepted or supported for who I really was, so I struggled there with my mental health to a point where it was life or death. So, I decided to choose me and I quit that job without a plan.”

Aiden was unemployed for a few months before starting a job at Goodwill and now works as an Employee Coach, supporting others with their work and wellbeing.

Unlike job environments Aiden worked in the past, Goodwill fosters a supportive, inclusive environment.

“Goodwill has helped me with providing me a space so I could grow as a person and form my confidence, to be okay to be who you are- to be okay to be your authentic self. I would definitely recommend Goodwill if you are looking for an inclusive, supportive environment.”