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Michelle Quintyn

Michelle Quintyn to Retire After 18 Years of Serving Goodwill

A message from Michelle Quintyn 

Working for Goodwill is a joy and an honour. However, having reached the ‘twilight’ years of my career it is time that I make room for new leadership.  It is my intention to retire my post as Goodwill’s President and CEO as of September 30, 2023. 

Pride is what overwhelms this moment, a feeling of deep satisfaction for the accomplishments so many great people have achieved together and Goodwill’s strong position and readiness to embrace the future. Capable leadership, a great culture, a strong financial foundation, a vibrant brand, and above all amazing mission programs driven by ICARE values that entrench the organization… all foster pride. 

It will be exciting to watch Goodwill lean into the future! The hardest part about leaving Goodwill will be leaving the people. The easy part will be carrying with me an immense feeling of gratitude for all who made an impact on Goodwill’s important work – changing lives and communities through the power of WORK.

My heartfelt thanks to all for your unwavering support and commitment to this great organization.

Michelle Quintyn, President & CEO 

A message from Mehendi Kamani, Board Chair 

After 18 years of unparalleled leadership at Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes, President and CEO Michelle Quintyn has announced she will be retiring on September 30, 2023. We are profoundly grateful to Michelle for her passionate leadership and remarkable accomplishments. A visionary, strategic and inspiring leader she has been essential in shaping Goodwill and setting the stage for an exciting future. 

As CEO, Michelle has been instrumental in transforming Goodwill into a $60 million enterprise with 1,200 employees who train and work on a diverse range of social enterprise platforms including thrift/recycling, food and hospitality, light manufacturing, power industrial sewing, and commercial/industrial contracts. During her tenure, Goodwill launched Edgar and Joe’s Café and banquet services, Goodwill Commercial Solutions, and an emerging social enterprise collaboration WORTH – a fully circular textile initiative which is re-manufacturing products comprised of post-consumer textiles. 

Michelle also envisioned and helped to build partnerships and launch Work First, a ‘transitional to competitive’ employment model that has advanced thousands of people who face barriers such as mental illness, poverty and marginalization to work and prosperity.  

Over the course of the pandemic, Michelle and the Goodwill leadership team demonstrated a tireless commitment to leaving no one behind and ensured Goodwill emerged even stronger as an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable organization. As a result, Goodwill is well positioned to embrace the future and build on Michelle’s significant legacy of innovation and growth. 

In the months ahead, Goodwill’s Board of Directors will complete a fulsome search for a new President and CEO and put a process in place for a smooth transition of leadership. 

Please join us in extending our heartfelt gratitude to Michelle for all she has accomplished, and we look forward to celebrating Michelle in the near future. 


Mehendi Kamani, Chair 

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