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As we strive to grow and enhance our mission, by maximizing revenue and integrating more service to our clients in Goodwill’s work platform, it is essential that we achieve efficiency across all aspects of our operations; ensure lean and organized systems; and develop and protect our assets.

Scott Louch joined as our Senior Manager, Operations on August 27th, 2007. His focus will span the entire organization, including programs in donated goods collection and distribution; transportation; salvage, recycling and waste management; security and asset protection; building and land maintenance; and initiatives to promote environmental stewardship.

Scott brings significant operations management, technical and logistics experience to this role. After graduating from Urban Planning and Design, he spent 15 years in a large manufacturing environment in a variety of upward roles responsible for team development, production, logistics, engineering, procurement and life-cycle management of all physical assets including owned and leased facilities, contractors and maintenance contracts, infrastructure project management, construction and renovation projects, planning and management of large budgets and this highlights just some of his experience.