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We are invested in the growth and development of everyone who works here and that starts with many opportunities to learn, upgrade skills and access technology, education, and training.

Goodwill offers specialized training programs to help people move forward in their careers.

Our hands-on training programs help team members develop soft and sector specific skills in the context of a real job with pay. While our employees gain work experience, they also receive important certificates and credentials in areas of health and safety, material handling equipment licenses, commercial sewing or customer service.

Goodwill can help you advance your skills by:

  • Support creating customized training plans that meet your learning and development needs while meeting your employers expectations
  • Help navigating the many training options in schools, colleges and universities, continuing education, career colleges, apprenticeships and on the job training initiatives – short course credentials and certifications, online training, diplomas and degrees.
  • Help accessing funding such as grants or training dollars
  • We also offer a variety of learning options and credentials like Smart Serve, First Aid and more.


Interested in working within the hospitality/food services industry?  Get industry needed skills and enhance your opportunities with this six-week ‘hands-on’ co-op style program.  You’ll train with our Career Centre trainers, and work alongside our culinary team at Edgar & Joe’s café.  Finally you will sharpen your skills during your co-op with an employer we set up. 95% of people who complete the program obtain employment in the field.

Commercial Sewing Skills Training

Establish your skills to thrive in the growing textile manufacturing sector with this specialized training program. Participants learn cutting, assembly and sewing construction over a four week period while being paid. A certificate is provided to successful trainees at the end with support to access work opportunities at Goodwill or one of our partners in the competitive labour market that is recruiting skilled sewing staff.

Access to Scholarships

Power of Learning Scholarships is an annual program that assists employees with accessing education and training by providing funding to cover course fees or tuition. There is a maximum of $1,000 per year provided, and employees can receive a scholarship up to five times during their employment at Goodwill.

There are also additional Educational supports based on need that might include technology supports, course books, and/or materials. Decisions are made by a selection committee each year based on criteria such as barriers to education or employment the applicant might face, extent to which education/training could change the applicant’s life situation and how strong the applicant’s Life/Career plan is. To learn more about this program, connect with your Employee Coach.

Advancing into the Labour Market with Credentials

As Goodwill employees expand their skills and experience, the training they receive such as WHMIS and Health and Safety Training are important credentials that can be added to a resume. Our Employee Coaches, personal and professional learning opportunities also provide valuable skills that help you to grow in your career beyond Goodwill.

Employee & Family Strengthening

Based on need that might include technology supports, course books, and/or materials. With a culture of inclusion, compassion and learning, we create work opportunities for people who need work the most; and utilize the power of work itself and integrated human development to strengthen and advance individuals and families to better futures and prosperity.  Work ethic and essential soft skills such as respect and teamwork are a key focus.  Coaches support the development of Life Plans and access to wellness resources.

Having the right training and credentials gives you an advantage when you are looking for a job. It can be hard to manage learning a new skill while balancing a job, family, and financial responsibility. We totally understand that and the pressure it creates. That’s why Goodwill offers many on-the-job training opportunities, so you are earning a paycheck, learning, and working towards your credentials with support from your team.