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Car donations and the donation of other valuables provide skills training, coaching and employment supports to people who face barriers to employment. Change lives and donate today.

As a registered charity, Goodwill may be able to issue tax receipts for gifts of jewelry, property, vehicles, coins and other valuables with a Fair Market Value of over $50*. Charitable donation receipts are not automatically provided for each donation. Receipts must be requested through the form below.

For items with a fair market value of $1,000 or greater, a tax receipt can only be issued if an independent third party appraisal (completed within one year) is provided by the donor.

Follow the easy steps below to request a tax receipt. In order to be eligible for a receipt, you must provide the current fair market value of your donation and proof. This could include a link to a listing online (eBay, Poshmark, etc), a link where the retailer (not a 3rd party) lists the item for sale, purchase receipt or a third party appraisal.

Once you submit your tax receipt request, our management team will evaluate the eligibility of your request and confirm the Fair Market Value before confirming a tax receipt. If donated items do not meet the eligible criteria, a tax receipt will not be issued.

While we appreciate your donation of valuables, we are unable to issue tax receipts if you drop off items before completing the online form and have a confirmed tax receipt amount provided from our team.

*Based on the needs of our organization, not all items with a Fair Market Value of $50 or more will qualify for a charitable donation receipt.

Donate a Car

We’ve partnered with Donate A Car Canada to accept your car, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV or other vehicle donation on behalf of Goodwill. It’s easy to donate… simply fill out the vehicle donation form online or call 1-877-250-4904, and Donate a Car Canada will coordinate a free pick up/towing of your vehicle. Your vehicle will either be recycled or sold at auction – depending on its condition, age and location. The proceeds will go to Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes and we’ll issue you a tax receipt for its value.

Tax Receipt Request Form

Your information will help us determine whether your item(s) will be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

You donate. We train. People work.

Every time you donate to Goodwill you are creating work for someone who needs it. You fuel our mission of changing lives through the power of WORK. We employ over 1,200 people through our Community Stores, Donation Centres, sorting/recycling, manufacturing and hospitality programs, providing good jobs with real on-the-job work experience, a living wage and benefits while helping to address barriers that sometimes prevent people from finding and keeping a job such as mental or physical illness, youth that are at-risk and new Canadians.