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Circles London

Re-thinking poverty and creating strong and healthy community connections.

We’re working to end poverty in London

Circles® is a community initiative coordinated by Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes that supports individuals experiencing poverty and accessing Ontario Works to focus on life stabilization and set a pathway toward economic sustainability, while advocating for systemic change.

Each month, “Circles” meet across the London area to build relationships, share experiences, learn from each other and other allies and explore new tools and ideas that support their journey out of poverty. During these meetings we focus on providing a speaker, or workshop that will increase hard and soft skills for each participant to be able to move forward.

When the Circles Initiative is successful, we see participants able to access the resources they need, employed in jobs that provide for their families, and community volunteers being active participants for change in our community. 

Poverty, mental illness, addictions, and many other barriers create feelings of isolation that impact our wellbeing and capacity to work. By creating strong and healthy community connections through programs at Goodwill, we can encourage resilience and work together to support people on their path to work.